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What to expect here?

Well, avatars of course. At least, for now. I'm planning to post all my art stuff on this journal here, but for now I only made avatars for LJ, so you won't see anything else. Logic - I love it. I'll also post avatars about all genres I like, not only Star Trek, sci-fi or fantasy. Though... you'll see a lot of Trek-related ones here. I'm awesome like that. But what am I babbling... let's go and see avatars!

I would like to point out, that I have downloaded erniemay's entire collection of textures. I think that speaks for itself.

Oh, and a few rules:
  • You can take as many avatars as you want
  • You don't have to credit me. However, leave a comment if you like what you're taking, because comments = yay
  • I'm not planning on purchasing a Photobucket account just for you guys, so: no hotlinking. Save the avatars to your own webhost (which you have to do anyway if you want to use them on your journal, but do not hotlink if you use them anywhere else - stealing bandwidth is evil and will be punished)
  • And the most important rule: have fun with them, because I surely had fun while making them!